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Knowing how “the Chain of life” has passed on to you lets you appreciate who you are and helps you live for the moment.


Have you thought about what your parents were like in their childhood, adolescence, and how they grew up?

When you are young, you may not really care about your parents or may not even get along well with them. But when you become middle aged, all of a sudden you may look back fondly on your past, and at the same time, be curious about the past of your parents’. I myself was the one like that. When I turned 45 years old, where I started to realize my career as businessman will come to an end gradually, my 82 year-old-father in Hokkaido fell sick. Thankfully, major operation and continuous rehabilitation managed to save his life.

Family History Record is not only a sincere listener or interviewer but also an experienced researcher and recorder. Our chronologically arranged life story, family history, genealogy will make every member of your family happy. It will be appreciated for generations even.


Because, knowing how “the Chain of life” has passed on to you lets you appreciate who you are and helps you live for the moment.
Please think of your ancestors who have been passing on the chain of lives to you. Can you imagine what the lives were like for your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents…?

We have a variety of methods to investigate; searching the ancient to latest documents, local history records stored in official organizations like the National Diet Library, visiting related sites, and interviewing relatives, neighbors and locals.

We have competent researchers spread in Japan, and have successfully achieved more than 250 cases. What makes our service special is that our reports are not merely some lists of facts. They are written like telling stories which stimulate your imagination of how your ancestors lived. This is why our service is enjoyed not only by clients but by younger generation of their family.

A growing number of corporate customers use our service year by year. Some want to know the ambitions and spirits of the founder and his/her stories, some would like to thank a specific person who influenced on the founder by researching about who he/she was like, and others want to trace the prehistory of foundation in the event of composing a corporate history.

Corporate history gives us lessons of both success and failure, how to deal with economic depressions, and how to keep yourself motivated. It is also a voice of founders. It supports the current management philosophy and that will even help creating new history as a principle.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We trace your family history, and we also support you for making genealogy and family history. Whenever you find difficulties and would like a piece of advice, we are always here to help you. We are looking forward to listening to your story.

Family History Record President

Profile of President Fumiko YOSHIDA

ファミリーヒストリー記録社 代表 吉田 富美子

Just want to make people happy by what I do

I was born in 1962.
I worked in R&D section of a manufacturing company for 28 years after graduating from the university, but I have always had a dream to help more people than in one company.
In 2013, I made a decision to make my dream come true. I found Family History Research, an interview-oriented company which traces family history.

Experiences in interviewing since my childhood

I have always been involved in writing and publishing since childhood.
During my school days from elementary to high school, I was a member of publishing journals of classes, alumnus, and extra-curricular clubs, as well as illustrating and writing short comics.
When I started working for a company part time and full time, I engaged in communicating with many kinds of people like customers, bosses, colleagues, or juniors.
This is the time I realized that people who speaks to me feel satisfied or even healed by talking. I also found that sometimes speaking itself reminds people of unexpectedly old or forgotten memories.

Listened to a number of elderly

At the age of 50, I started to take classes to become a caregiver. During the training I had a number of opportunities to listen to the elderly. They told me a variety of stories; experiences of earthquakes, air raids, a snowing night of the February 26 Incident, working in a modern cafe in the Taisho era, people’s living in flourish Asakusa, a time being a master of dancing, etc. While listening to them, I came to wonder if they would like to share their stories with others. I should not be the only one who knows the stories. What if their family want to know and they are merely missing the opportunity?

After starting a business, many people sympathized with the principle of our company and ended up joining us as staff. Some were professional writers or map readers, while others were interested in tracing people’s family history and traced their own roots as a hobby. All those members have helped activating and expanding our investigation section. Researching and investigating are ambitious indeed, but with our abundant experiences, now we are proud of being a professional group of tracing family history by utilizing our diverse perspectives and great imagination.

If you would like to trace your family history by your own, one option is to take our lessons at culture centers in some parts of Japan. (contact us for details.) We also offer a free consultation as a “Mirasapo(Future supporting) supporter” for corporate customers.
We will humbly keep working hard to become better listeners and better investigators.