We trace and record your genealogy, roots, and family history.
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We research your family history

◆ What is family history?

Family history is a history of your family and ancestors.
It is a history of your parents, grandparents, and all your ancestors.
It is also a history what you append, and what your descendants will append.

◆ Our services

Create a book of personal history, family history, Foundation family history

◆ How we can help

When you would like to discover your family history,

  1. we interview, arrange things chronologically, and make a report with pictures
  2. we help you create a genealogy starting from getting Koseki Tohon (Family registration Certificate)
  3. Trace you and your ancestor’s history or roots back in Showa, Taisho, Meiji, Edo period, and/or even before then.

◆ What you will gain

  • Deeper understanding of yourself
  • You will realize how precious it is to be yourself at this moment. Tremendous coincidences in the history has led to who you are.
  • Stronger bonds with your family
  • You will be surprised to know your family’s stories and memories that you have never imagined.
  • A treasure that can be cherished for generations
  • To know about parents or ancestors would help younger generation to be thankful for lives.

We believe knowing about family history helps you proud of your life itself, and who you are

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For Customers who would like to find the meaning of your family name and Kamon(Family Crest)

Your Family Name and Crest Talk about your Roots.

  • Interested, but don’t know where to start?
  • Some family member knows, but that is not enough?
  • ルーツ調査報告書ってどんなもの?

For customers who would like to create a genealogy

Investigate genealogy

Family History Record creates your genealogy. Not only so, we incorporate stories, pictures, and other information so that you can vividly capture how your parents, grandparents, or far ancestors had lived their lives.

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